My Story

Like many in the learning and development world, I got my start due to a unique set of circumstances.

While in a role coaching contact center representatives, I was given the distressing news that the line of business I was working with was being moved to the Philippines. I had always wanted to travel, and decided right then to ask if I could assist the leadership team with the transition. This opportunity didn’t pan out, but my name was thrown in the mix for something similar, and only two weeks later I was given an offer to spend a year in Manila training contact center representatives for a new customer account.

In the moment, I couldn’t have guessed what I’d be getting into, but signing the offer letter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. One year turned into over two years; I fell in love with the people, the culture and the work I was doing.

I loved witnessing light-bulb moments in the classroom, watching new hire performance get better as I got better, and making an impact on the trajectory of my trainee’s careers. The team was successful, and this led to me traveling to Colombia and Bulgaria to assist with new site launches by helping local trainers get up to speed with learning content.

While living and working in Manila I met my wife Jo. Shortly after we got married, we moved back to my hometown of Rochester NY where I began work with EagleView as a technical trainer. In that role, I delivered software training for EagleView’s customers both on-site and remotely.

Our team had a lot of talent, and we began to branch out into new training projects serving internal clients. The new projects required new roles – I applied and was promoted to instructional designer.

While getting accustomed to the new role, I had the privilege of taking the Instructional Design and Techology Micromasters offered through edX and University of Maryland. This provided me with an outstanding foundation of adult learning theory and instructional design models to bring to my new role.

Since then, I joined the Calero team and Jo’s career had us move to NYC where we’ve been living since August 2022. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a lot of outstanding people on a wide variety of learning projects. I’ve designed training for customer service representatives, property inspectors, invoice analysts, small aircraft pilots, people managers and more.

Feel free to review my resume or connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about these experiences.

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